Picture of a Civil War Soldier Apparition

On this picture taken by Angel Haines, Winchester, VA, one may see an apparition of a Civil War soldier. On August 28, 2013, Angel Haines and her father returned to the property to share this picture with our Director of Paranormal Activities, John Rossi and owner of Jordan Springs Tonie Wallace. Here is what Angle

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What do you see?

A guest visiting Historic Jordan Springs Event & Cultural Centre snapped a photo of the holiday-decorated library this month that appears to include an apparition standing in front of the fireplace. Do you see it? What does it look like to you?

What’s in the Window?

Shenandoah Shadows investigator Joel Collett was walking down the stairs from the third floor of Historic Jordan Springs Event & Cultural Centre recently and captured an image in a window above him with his video camera. The image appears in three frames, which are shown below. Note – there is no porch outside this third

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Strange Noise

Listen to this clip from the attic of Jordan Springs. We were just wrapping up an EVP session and captured an audible whimper or singing or something. Its somewhat comical, because we were listening to the recorder and heard it in real time, but were confused as to were it came from…..Your thoughts?