When Ghosts Attack

When Ghosts Attack

When Ghosts Attack
Discovery Channel’s all-new series “When Ghosts Attack” episode “Attack from the Past” premiered Sunday, November 24, 2013 at 10 PM E/P.

A Winchester, Va., estate with more than 150 years of history has its owners terrified and fearing for their safety after a ghost investigator experiences a violent encounter. Estate owners Greig Aitken and Tonie Wallace, and Director of Paranormal Activity John Rossi were interviewed by the crew in August, 2013. As the crew went around and captures footage at Haunted Jordan Springs, they too experienced paranormal activities, strange sounds and feelings.

Clip of the video will be posted here shortly.


Here are just a few pictures we took on the day of the crew worked on the video:

WHEN GHOSTS ATTACK is produced by Sirens Media, a Leftfield Entertainment Company, for Destination America.

For Sirens, Valerie Haselton Drescher and Rebecca Toth Diefenbach are executive producers. For Destination America, Caroline Perez is executive producer, Marc Etkind is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is group president.

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