Picture of a Civil War Soldier Apparition

On this picture taken by Angel Haines, Winchester, VA, one may see an apparition of a Civil War soldier.

On August 28, 2013, Angel Haines and her father returned to the property to share this picture with our Director of Paranormal Activities, John Rossi and owner of Jordan Springs Tonie Wallace.

Here is what Angle had to say about this picture:

My dad and I came to Haunted Jordan Springs to check out the property and snap some photos. The entire time while we were visiting the property, we physically did not see anything directly, but we both experienced a strong presence, as if we were being watched, or as if something was over my shoulder and near by all the time. We continued to walk around and taking pictures. After I returned home, I looked through all my photos taken at the Jordan Springs and this one picture I took in the chapel got my attention. I noticed a foggy figure standing in the middle of the chapel between the table and the bar. None of the other photos I took while at the Jordan Springs had anything like this. As I zoomed into the picture, I noticed the details of what appears to be an apparition of a Civil War soldier.

John Rossi also commented on this photograph:

This is one of the best full bodied apparition photographs I have ever seen!